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#prosthocontest2019 voting poll: choose your favorite case report

Here’s a message by Prof. Marco Ferrari:

As you might now, due to unexpected circumstances, we decided to dedicate and title our Prostho Contest to the memory of Prof. Dr. Paolo Vigolo, passed away last week at the age of 56.
I’m more than glad to inform you that the #Prosthocontest2019 had a great success: more than 150 clinical cases were submitted and the evaluation committee – Marco Ferrari (University of Siena), Mutlu Özcan (EPA, University of Zurich, Switzerland), Phophi Kamposiora (EPA, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece), Guillermo Pradies (EPA, Universidad Complutense, Madrid), Carlo Poggio (AIOP), Fabio Carboncini (AIOP), Costanza Micarelli (AIOP), Roberto Sorrentino (Federico II Naples University, Zerodonto), Izchak Barzilay (APS), Evangelous Rossopolous (APS) – selected the best 20 cases on the basis of the following parameters: initial situation, treatment planning, final result, grading of difficulty, operative sequence, documentation, follow-up., scientific evidence.

We decided, because of the high number of cases submitted, to select 20 case reports instead of 10 for this online poll. The web will select the best six cases and then the evaluation committee will find out the winner.

The first winner will present his/her case at a dedicated session at the annual EPA meeting in Amsterdam in September 2019, in November at the annual meeting AIOP in Bologna and in February during the APS annual congress in Chicago. It’s up to you, now! You can only vote ONE TIME!

These below are just temporary results. At the end of the poll, votes will have to be examined and then summed to the result of the Fb poll on our group Zerodonto Dentistry Contest. Cheating attempts may lead to the disqualification of the participant. Bots and temporary emails are obviously not admitted.

Case 9 | Sagar Abichandani | India

9 Sagar Abichandani

Aesthetic & Functional Smile Enhancement using Digital Occlusion Equilibration & Smile Designing concepts – A Clinical Report. A 26-year old patient […]

Case 13 | Łukasz Lassmann | Poland

13 Lassman

Patient came to Dental Sense for the first time willing to extract ALL the teeth, to do immediate implant placement and immediate loading, because […]

Case 24 | Giuseppe Marchetti | Italy

24 Giuseppe Marchetti

Interdisciplinary treatment plan and execution of a complex case, with orthodontics, maxillo surgery, periosurgery and implantology, restorative and […]

Case 45 | Njdeh Shadoyan | Armenia

45 Njdeh Shadoyan Functional-esthetic Rehabilitation Shadoyan

A 62 years old male from overseas came for consultation seeking for functional rehabilitation and why not aesthetic as well […]

Case 50 | Vasily Bocharov | Russia

50 Vasily Bocharov

The treatment report of the 25 years old female with a gummy smile. The patient was worried about an unaesthetic smile and the tremy […]

Case 57 | Andrea Fabianelli | Italy

57 Andrea Fabianelli

The patient, a 72 years old male, came in office in February 2018 for a oral rehabilitation. His chief complain was his unpleasant smile, his low […]

Case 58 | Stefano Granata | Italy

58 Stefano Granata

This is a multidisciplinary Treatment. A middle aged man suffered of severe general Periodontitis. It took more than 18 months of treatments to […]

Case 59 | Yuichiro Yoshiki | Japan

59 Youchiro Yoshiki Direct-indirect-bonded Restorations Yoshiki

This case is full-mouth adhesive ceramic restoration using digital & conventional approach. The patient had worn dentition due to erosion. The upper […]

Case 60 | Yoshinori Kamae | Japan

60 Yoshinori Kamae

Case: She is 52years old. Her chief complain is esthetic demand. Diagnostic findings 1. Extraoral and facial findings: Convex facial profile; […]

Case 62 | Ali Tunkiwala | India

62 Ali Tunkiwala

The overall periodontal condition of teeth is good and no bleeding on probing except in area of the faulty bridge. No mobility of any teeth […]

Case 63 | Juan Cochran | Mexico

63 Juan Cochran

Dentogingival prosthesis over implants. 55 years old Male patient. Chief complain: Poorly adjusted prosthesis and also did not like how his teeth […]

Case 75 | Ariel Savion | Israel

75 Ariel Savion Flul Mouth Rehabilitation Ariel Savion

Full mouth Rehabilitation with BICON Implants in upper and lower jaw. Diagnosis and treatment plan. Fully edentulous implant-supported […]

Case 78 | Riccardo Favero | Italy

78 Riccardo Favero

This patient is a 67 years old man that was treated in the university of siena, at the master of prosthodontics science. Case just finalized. Medical […]

Case 93 | Giulia Gallo | Italy

93 Giulia Gallo

This patient was treated in the university of siena, at the master of prosthodontics science. Anamnesis: –medical history. Harmful habits: no […]

Case 101 | Paweł Paszkiewicz | Poland

101 Pawel Paszkiewicz

When your treatment becomes a disaster and finally, after years you finally got it to the end. The failure of my lifetime. This is how it ends when […]

Case 104 | Jesus Fernando Medina | Mexico

104 Fernando Medina Anterioropen Bite

Treating “The Anterior Open Bite”. 62 years old female patient. Chief complaint: Head Aches; Muscle Soreness; Difficulty chewing food; […]

Case 107 | Manuel Alejandro Martín Toledo | Spain

107 Manuel Alejandro Martín toledo save teeth or not

Male patient, 55 years old. Smoker and former drug addict. Dx: Periodontal disease, many cavities, bruxism and absence of some teeth. TTo: 1- Perio […]

Case 115 | Simone Gismondi | Italy

115 Simone Gismondi

The management of the vertical dimension is an interesting and debated chapter in the dentistry of the third millennium. We speak of increase, but […]

Case 116 | Sylwia Pokorska | Poland

116 Sylwia Pokorska

A patient after orthodontic treatment in the past when she was a child. Permanent braces taken 10 years ago. Residual 12 and no budding 22. We […]

Case 138 | Fausto Sommovigo | Italy

138 Fausto Sommovigo

The patient is a woman 50 years old. She is in good health. ASA 2. The chief complaint is the worn dentition of the frontal upper teeth. The dental […]