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Perio Contest 2018 online voting


“Interesting cases from ALL over the world covering many aspects of Periodontology and its interdisciplinary aspects.
Cases from experienced practitioners and graduate students from 50 different countries!
Congratulations to ALL contestants for bringing Perio treatment to patients in every corner of the world.
Our task has been terribly difficult and each case has been assessed in terms of diagnosis & treatment planning, clinical execution, quality of the material and soundness of the treatment principles.
We have selected 10 cases and we would like to bring them forward to your attention for discussion and vote in order to select together the 3 colleagues who are going to be the final contestants in Amsterdam on the podium of the Amazing EuroPerio9 program….

KUDOS TO PERIO and all participants, congratulation to the 10 finalists and let the online voting for the 3 finalists of #PERIOCONTEST2018 begin.”

Maurizio Toneti, Søren Jepsen, Sandro Cortellini, Tomohiro Ishikawa, Rony Jung, Diego Velasquez, Otto Zuhr

The evaluation committee selected the best 10 cases on the basis of the following parameters: initial situation, final result, grading of difficulty, operative sequence, documentation and scientific evidence. These best 10 cases will be published on the EFP website.

The 3 finalists will present their case at the EuroPerio9 meeting in Amsterdam on Saturday 23rd June 2018. The European Federation of Periodontology will provide the 3 finalists free registration to the meeting and a travel grant. The winner will be chosen during the EuroPerio9 scientific session after presentation of the 3 cases by a composite score obtained by a live poll and input from the Evaluation Committee.
Main prize: Straumann will provide Straumann CARES P SERIES 3D printer.

It’s up to you, now! You can vote only one time!

Online voting will be closed on Sunday night – 20 of May – after one week (Central Europe Time)

Case 13 | Feng Chuan Ho | Taiwan

A 57-year-old women visited our clinic hoping to have beautiful smile. She presented with significant esthetic problems associated with […]

Case 21 | Yoshinori Kamae | Japan

She is 47years old. Her chief complain is to make over her smile without fixed bridge. Diagnostic findings – Extraoral and facial findings: Concave […]

Case 45 | Yoshiro Iida | Japan

Multiple tooth restoration with implants in the esthetic zone. The novel approach utilizing tooth transplantation and osseointegration for the perfect […]

Case 77 | Claudio Di Gioia | Italy

Root coverage procedures in a young female. Gingival recession is defined as the location of marginal periodontal tissues apical to the cementoenamel […]

Case 82 | Chih-Chung Hsu | Taiwan

Interdisciplinary Therapy for Severe Gingival Recession with EMD application on Root Coverage Procedure in Esthetic zone. […]

Case 92 | Dennis Schaller | Germany

Interdisciplinary treatment of a severe periodontitis case. Female patient, 49 years old. Main complaint: tooth mobility, hypersensitivity 21 […]

Case 93 | Teresa Chanting Sun | Taiwan

Comprehensive management of severe periodontitis patient- a case report. Introduction: Periodontitis is a complex disease that involves interactions […]

Case 101 | Judy Tse | Hong Kong

Patient information. Age/Gender: 47/M. Medical History: Unremarkable, NKDA. Dental History: Symptom driven, irregular dental attendee […]

Case 109 | Philipp Skora | Germany

Hereditary gingival fibromatosis – functional & esthetic resective periodontal therapy – a case report. Generalized gingival overgrowth […]

Case 113 | Michi Katafuchi | USA/Australia

Esthetic Reconstruction of Traumatized Pre-Maxilla. A 67 years old, female patient presented with luxated maxillary left central incisor and […]